Pinnacles National Park

I'm always looking to book my next adventure, something that requires plane tickets and extensive internet research, but when I'm in a travel dry spell I try to find new places to visit that are close to home. Since our next real vacation is looming in the far future, and a three day weekend snuck up on us, Doug and I found ourselves with time to kill and no plans to speak of.  

My friend Grace recently went to the Pinnacles and mentioned it was worth the trek, and since neither of us had ever been, we decided to check it out! Pinnacles National Park is about a 2 hour drive from Oakland, freeway for a little more than half, and then gorgeous sweeping country roads for the rest of the trip. It was amazing how rural it is just an hour outside of the city. 

When we got there we paid to admit fee, it's $25 per car, got our trail maps and drove up the road to the Bear Gulch Day Use Area. It was an easy hike, we probably did about 2 miles total, along the Moses Spring and Rim Trail Loop. It was a blustery day, and the air was freezing! (At least for my weak California blood, haha!) The high of the day peaked around 46 degrees, but we were bundled up and managed to stay comfortable the whole day. 

The vistas were amazing, and the caves were so cool! I'm a little claustrophobic, but seeing little kids and folks in their 70s climb through the tiny crevices made me bold enough to try. If Doug had stopped doing his supervillain laugh (MUAHAHHAAAA!) it would've been an overall pleasant experience!